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Advertising Tips:

When you advertise your item on www.NWADPAGE.com we suggest the following tips that will help you receive a good response and sell your item for its maximum value. If you're a Shopper please start your search here or begin by browsing the various categories displayed within the box located on the left side of this page directly beneath the "FOR SALE SIGN" image or go to our 1.)   Select The Most Appropriate Category

2.)   Enter A Clear Ad Title & Description

3.)   Ask The Right Price:  Price your item competitively. You know how much you want for your item, but do you know how realistic that price really is? You can search our website for items matching yours to see what other sellers are asking. For Automobiles you can find out what the value is at Kelley Blue Book.

4.)   Use Photos:   It's a proven fact that a good picture can greatly improve your response!  Multiple photo ad listings generate an even larger number of inquiries.  Photos are among the very most desired components in your ad which online shoppers are looking for.  In fact, they are the most requested and viewed content within our ad listing pages, making photos an essential part of increasing your sales.  Without images, shoppers often overlook that particular ad listing in favor of those that contain photos. You can take photos with a digital camera or ask your local photo finishing lab to make a few digital images from film or scanned prints. They can provide you a copy of these images saved on a disk or CD.  From within your account you can add up to 16 photos with complete descriptions.  It's also best to include close-up photos of any damage or imperfections.  While providing these type of photos may seem to accentuate a negative, this kind of open disclosure helps build your credibility with shoppers.  Doing so also establishes the basis for the asking price as compared to similar items that shoppers may see online, and many buyers will look beyond the cosmetic damage if it means that they'll save money and get the very best deal.  
Tip:  Images with dimensions of 640x480 pixels or smaller are ideal.  All image files must be 100KB or less in file size.  You can use images within your ads saved in various standard formats (JPG, GIF, BMP & PNG).

5.)   Print Signs & Flyers:   All of your ads listed on our site offer you the ability to create & print FREE Signs & Flyers.  If you're selling a vehicle it's always a good idea to put a "For Sale Sign" in your vehicle's window.  If you already have an ad listed on our site you can quickly and easily create a custom "For Sale" sign FREE of charge from within your account manager or you can purchase signs at a local store.  For vehicles you'll want to park in highly visible areas that receive plenty of traffic with your sign prominently displayed.  This will help generate the most attention and increase your chance of getting a buyer to contact you.

You can also create custom "Flyers"to display in local grocery stores, college campuses, community centers, laundry-mats, post offices, golf courses, churches, etc. You can place them anywhere you might find an announcement or bulletin board that allows advertising. "For Sale Signs" & "Flyers" are FREE to all registered sellers using our site. Buyers who see your Flyer or Sign can go to our web site and view all the details of your item anytime of the Day or Night ! Click Here To Place Your Ad Now !

6.)  Additional Advertising:   Even though our web site is a very effective form of advertising, you may also want to gain additional exposure by using other forms of conventional advertising. Use your "NW Ad Page" Ad Number to help market your vehicle beyond our website. Buyers can then be attracted to your online ad from other forms of traditional advertising (like your local newspaper). You can save money by keeping your description short while inviting buyers to view your online ad for more details and photos. You can measure your success by the number of page views your ad receives.

Print Ad Example:

2001 Toyota Camry, Excellent Condition
$10,500. OBO Call: 503-333-7777 or
see on NWADPAGE.com  Ad# 2233377

When you are logged into your "NWADPAGE.com" account you can see the number of times someone has viewed your ad, how many times a shopper has "told a friend" about your ad, in addition to the number of times someone has replied to your ad. This gives you excellent, measurable feedback of your advertising responses.

7.)  Maximizing Your Ad Response:   As mentioned above, when you view your ad page or log into your account, you can quickly see the number of ad views each of your active ads have received since posted. This information can be used by you to decide what changes might be useful. For example, if the ad views show that a lot of shoppers have been looking at your ad, but you're not getting enough inquiries, perhaps you need to add a photo or the current photo needs to be replaced with a better one. Also, strongly consider adding multiple photos to your ad in order to increase your response. Perhaps you need to adjust the asking price. If the ad view count is low you may want to change the "Title" of your ad to help attract more attention and create more click throughs.

8.)   Vehicle Sales & Showing:   When you sell your used car online you'll still need to show the vehicle to the prospective buyer. Only meet in an agreed upon public location and try to take someone with you. Be honest and open with potential buyers about any serious problems or repairs needed. Order a CARFAX Vehicle History Report and provide any regular maintenance records you may have available. If your buyer wants to take a test drive, make sure that he or she has a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

9.)   Making The Vehicle Sale Final:   When selling vehicles provide a written receipt for both you and your buyer with signatures on both copies. Include a statement that the automobile is being bought "as is". Include all pertinent information on the receipt so the terms of the sale cannot be misinterpreted. Keep the receipt for your records. It will establish the date of sale and help protect you from any future liability. It's best to only accept a certified check or money order and then sign the title over to the buyer. Check with your state's Department Of Motor Vehicles to ensure that you have complied with all the laws applicable for your state.

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